Where our drives go?

That is the question that got me wondering yesterday. We have a good feeling where they go but I wanted to know the answer in detail and here it is:

Deliveries by country

Deliveries by country

In summary we have had deliveries to more than 40 countries, many of them are destinations I could not even dream of selling when we started the business. I see Internet is working very well spreading the word all over the world. Thank you everyone involved! This would not have been possible without word of mouth.

One interesting observation is that we see orders coming in waves from area by area, especially from the countries with less frequent sales. For example Switzerland was quiet for long time, then suddenly multiple orders started coming during relatively short time.

2 thoughts on “Where our drives go?

  1. I wonder what they are being used for.. ;-) Anyways, thank you so much for your great product, it gave the DIY community in Simracing a new life and new hope :-)

    • Most of them are used in CNC applications but sim wheel projects are gaining more and more popularity. I’m glad to be part of that! One day I will show up to some of you guys door and test drive the racing simulator ;)

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