Artificial load

I hope our followers have had a restful Cristmas break and joyful beginning of the new year! Anyway, time to get back to the business.

The photo below shows the artificial load unit to be used in Argon production testing process. In other words it will be used to simulate heavy load for drive power stage electronics to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Artifial load unit

Artificial load (work in progress). The most of energy goes into the flat power resistors mounted on the sides of the heat sink block.

The unit consists of three inductors and three power resistors forming a 3 phase load that simulates a motor stator. In the same high density heat sink there is also a fourth power resistor that provides load for regenerative resistor IGBT switch.

Other stuff inside provides power for cooling fans and contactor that safely disconnects the load in case of over heating. The two fans in the heat sink are installed in push-pull configuration for maximum air flow.

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