Argon user guide & Granity release this week

Just as a quick update: the first revisions of Argon user guide on wiki and Granity software shall be ready during this week which finally allows the real utilization of the drives. Stay tuned!

In the other news: manufacturing of the next batch of Argons has been scheduled for this week, too. We should have more units available for shipping by the end of the next week (but I’m optimistic about it: could happen even on this week)!

2 thoughts on “Argon user guide & Granity release this week

  1. Hello,
    In your documentation I really think that you should not address to EMC2. EMC2 designation is no longer used for a long time. If you want to add a reference to EMC2, you should instead of: EMC2 a.k.a. Enhanced Machine Controller, nowadays known as LinuxCNC, BE LinuxCNC, previously known as EMC2 a.k.a. Enhanced Machine.

    This is your page at:

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