What to do with 1000 stickers?

The first attempt of making Argon machine labels was not successful. The labels are otherwise fine but the manufacturer didn’t notice the requirement of chemical resistance. CE compliance standard requires that label must withstand cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Guess what happened to the text on these labels? You guessed it right – it becomes blank.

Argon machine labels, first try

Argon machine labels, first try

The second revision of labels have been ordered already. Any ideas what to do with a lots of obsolete stickers? :)

8 thoughts on “What to do with 1000 stickers?

  1. Start plastering the walls of your local machine shop :p. Any idea when the drives will be available for order/preorder, I’ve been telling my boss to wait for the Argons since I read about them in November (Yes I am seriously in love with the specs :p).

  2. The user manual should be almost ready, no?
    That would be very important so that we (that are waiting for the drives) can decide if they will be or not suitable for our application.

    The specs on the label are nice – 5kVA, that would be amazing to me.

    Regarding those labels, you can place them on the cartoon box. Normally the cartoon box goes to garbage/or if keep it is not cleaned with alcohol products as it damages the cartoon also.

  3. Or perhaps sticking them in public places as advertisement ;) At least I will keep some of them the instead of throwing away 400 eur worth of stickers.

    The assembly house said we should receive first drives by the end of next week. After that it takes only final checking and testing (say 2 weeks) before opening sales with ready to ship products!

    Specs and documentation will be fully on our Wiki and indeed it is still mostly missing. Takes couple of days to write it all.

  4. Another Idea!!
    Put the first sticker on the chassis/box
    put the second sticker over that one and wipe the text off. Voila!! resistant sticker.

    • …that was the first thing that came to my mind!!!

      And definately the most Eco-Friendly idea too!

  5. 1. use it as a cover for any other printed text, say on a chassis or cabinet (and of course wipe the label’s text off)
    2. Sometimes the packaging is more valuable than the content!
    The label is no longer valuable but the backing paper, wow! that is very resistant to sticking so you can use it, after removing the sticker, to resurface a bench top or other area where you use adhesives. any spills will not adhere to this. I use in moulds for pouring adhesive or potting compounds into. great fun for making odd shapes

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