The first of its kind!

On Friday we received the first release candidate units of Argon servo drive completely assembled.

Argon final version. The very first of their kind!

Argon final version. The very first of their kind!

In initial tests everything has worked just flawlessly. We might be finally there :)

12 thoughts on “The first of its kind!

      • great it is the fulfillment of the project !!!!
        congratulation :^D

        A small thorny question ^^
        what will be the price of argon?

        • Thank you!

          There will be limited time introductory pricing for less than 400 eur and final price should be less than 500 (to be determined later).

          • Reasonable in my opinion. In my last machine using 3VSD the complete power source was around 300€.
            If the drive could handle powers > 3Kw (continuous), then the price is more than justified as the number of drives that can handle that power are far less in the market. When possible try to test the output capability, not sure if important for many users but it is for me.
            Looking forward to receive 3 units.

          • ok this is a correct price
            I have already booked the money for argon driver
            I’m looking forward

          • <$1000 USD for a AC powered servo drive is pretty good. For example, a Parker Aries AR08PE 750W/2250W drive is around $900 – $1000; Copley Xenus is in the same range.

    • Not yet, there will be a blog post once sales open! At least it won’t take before we have products ready for shipping.

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