The brains of Argon drives have arrived!

The microcontrollers used in the first batch of Argon drives have arrived for programming. We program these chips in house and send them to assembly house so we don’t need to make an needle bed type programming device to program mounted chips. So drives become functional right after assembly will be ready for quality control & compliance testing.

400 pcs of microcontrollers for Argons

400 pcs of microcontrollers for Argons in moisture barrier packages. The black item is a tray for 160 chips (same kind trays inside packages).

The chips will be programmed by using clam shell type IC sockets. Programming one chip takes about 5 seconds + handling.

Bare chip programming devices

Bare chip programming devices

2 thoughts on “The brains of Argon drives have arrived!

    • No, at least not yet. I want to confirm from the final devices that they’re flawless before putting them for sale!

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