From the beginning of Argon release we plan to use a fulfillment service (a third party company with item warehousing and shipping service) to ship our products around the world. This enables faster delivery times as well as reduced shipping costs. To achieve this, items must be well packed before entering the warehouse as the service doesn’t know the specifics of how the items should be properly handled or protected inside a post parcel.

This calls a rigid box for Argon drives. Various sizes and carton types have been prototyped and the one used below seems like a good fit. The boxes should also come with some artwork and item identifier printed.

Various box prototypes

Various box prototypes

I’m thinking of throwing in a box artwork design competition. The prize would be, of course, an Argon drive or more. Leave a comment if you wish to see the competition to begin in the very next blog post!

6 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. Hi Tero
    It is true that decorated box is prettier than a white box
    But the important thing is the content not the container
    Once received the box is best placed at the bottom of a closet and at worst thrown in the trash
    I think it will be an extra cost that bringing no interest on internet sales;
    A beautiful decorated box is beneficial for sales when they are stored in a shop shelving, in view of guests

    • You’re correct every possible way. However the cost of printing is negligible and actually saves the effort of printing & attaching barcode stickers to boxes so it saves time and can reduce errors.

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