New AC servo motors have arrived

The first batch of new servo motors are here! The stocked selection includes 400 W and 950 W rated of low inertia AC servo motors. Both models come with 2 500 PPR (10 000 counts/rev) encoders and pre-assembled 4 meter long cables that plug straight to the Argon drive saving from the hassle and chance of error.

New 400W and 950W motors. Motors come with pre-made 4 meter cables that plug straight to Argon servo drive.

New 400W and 950W motors. The new servos are notably lighter and smaller than equivalent motors from few years back. They weight approximately 1/3 less than equal power Sanyo P5’s.

Servos will will appear in the web shop during the next days. Detailed specifications of motors are already online at theĀ Wiki. The specification PDF lists all available models from 30 W to 950 W which are available on order. All sizes are optionally available with a holding brake.

I’m excited to see the first machines running with these beasts :)

6 thoughts on “New AC servo motors have arrived

  1. Very nice. How’s the brake on the Komotek? The rattling sound of the Sanyo Denki P5’s was very annoying.

    • Indeed, P5 brake rattles when motor rotates but Komotek motors with brake have been silent so far. Only muted click when it goes on or off.

  2. Tero, have you tested the 400W Komotek motor with Ioni drive? I’m wondering what max rpm can we expect with Ioni.

    • Just tested it. At 48VDC supply it runs approx 800-1000 rpm depending on load (1krpm when no load).

      BTW, we are getting low voltage motors in stock for IONIs. Should be there in April.

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