IONI in production!

The first production batch of IONI went into production! We should see final devices arrive in February. While we wait, we will be finishing firmware, documentation and Granity to the point where we can start shipping drives immediately after arrived & tested.

6 thoughts on “IONI in production!

  1. Glad that you are almost at a point to be selling these, I will sent you an email tonight.

    Great effort in a really short time, thank you for implementing some of those features we have discussed.

    It is always great when the Developer interact with the end-user and consider suggestions, it makes for great products.

    Good luck with this, I cannot wait to get my hands on a few of these :)

  2. Hi nice to see the development is coming to an end, it seems the ioni drive will support over 70 volt, what continous current will this drive support? an approximation i know maybe is too early to know, im interested to know cause im searching the ideal psu for this drive.

    • For current limits, see this:

      The PSU size depends on how much power your motors will draw. Drives may output 100A and motors can be 50kW but your machine still may use only 100W. Unfortunately estimating the power need is a quite complex task so trial and error may be easier (or getting big enough PSU to be on safe side).

  3. Amazing job!
    How close will the Ionisphere (Ionicube) be to working fully with Mach4?
    Could I run a 4 axis CNC off it at the point it is now?
    I want to start building controllers for little desktop mills.

    • We have ensured that most popular CNC software (Mach3/4, LinuxCNC) will work with IONI without any headaches. Compatibility has been designed in the product from the beginning.

  4. Tero, I’m excited about any news, stories and pictures you can share about the IONI. It will fit perfectly to my 3-axis CNC mill and I almost can’t wait for it to be released :-)

    Good luck with the release of this product!
    As a happy owner of the Argon servo drive I’m sure IONI will deliver and will be great success, too!

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