Industrially made Argon boards

Last week I received first industrially made Argon circuit board assemblies from the factory. It’s pretty amazing feeling when more than a year of design work is finally shining on your desk.

Argon PCBA

Argon circuit board assemblies, first batch of release candidate boards

The boards came without bottom side power components mounted because I had mistakenly specified wrong size bridge rectifier to the BOM. Its height supposed to be 8 mm but factory reported that their parts have 11 mm height. That would make fitting to the enclosure pretty difficult. So I told them to supply bottom side parts unmounted as its no problem to solder them to place in here.

3 thoughts on “Industrially made Argon boards

  1. That looks great – good work! It looks like quite a compact board. What size will the finished enclosure be?



  2. Thanks!

    The enclosure size will be approximately 177 x 117 x 49 mm (including wall mounting tabs make total length 197 mm).

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