Argon motor output current rating increased

As are now wiser than during Argon release and we have data about drive reliability, we are confident to start pushing current limits up little by little. To the date, not even one Argon has failed due to overload. We know many users who are pushing them at their power limits and couple of them have even special versions that allows significantly higher currents than the original 10 A continuous / 15 A peak ratings.

The Argon firmware version 1.2.1 has been released to increase current limits to 11 A continuous and 16 A peak. The latest version also addresses issues regarding mechanical brake timing and Hall sensor support. Find full list of changes and download link at Wiki.

2 thoughts on “Argon motor output current rating increased

    • If your motor demands the new maximum current, then you can expect the peak power consumption to increase 16/15 = 1,067 times (or 6.7%) from the previous power consumption.

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