8x it is – and effective output voltage boosted too

Thanks for votes & opinions! I agree that we should go for 8x connector and now it’s done.

In the other news, drive PWM modulation depth was adjusted to match hardware capabilities. It’s bumped from 88% (same as VSD-E and Argon) to a new record level of 97%. Modulation depth means the maximum duty cycle swing that power stage can produce. This means another 10% increase to effective output voltage vs drive supply voltage. With the “PWM magic trick” the total change now is +27.8%. So the 55 V supply now equivalent to 70 V in the original firmware scale.

IONI with PCI-Express 8x connector. We call it GD-Express :)

IONI with PCI-Express 8x connector. We call it GD-Express :)

I wish happy new year 2015 to all our fellow followers!

8 thoughts on “8x it is – and effective output voltage boosted too

  1. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

    I can’t wait to get one of these in my hands.

    • Please be patient until it is perfect.
      Hi Tero: Take the time that you need!

  2. Excellent! So what is the actual max. Vrms output on a 55v supply now?

    Happy 2015!

    Regards, Jason

    • The RMS voltages can be calculated like this:

      ans = 21.883 VRMS

      ans = 37.903 VRMS

  3. Happy New Year!

    I love the concept of card edge in term of lower production cost and choices for users to use card edge connector or directly solder them to “edge to slot” design.

    Now, you’ve extended driving current rate and higher equivalent voltage..

    Thank you so much,

  4. I like the cards form factor and would like to use it when it is perfect ;-)

    Neverthless, there are still some questions arround that everyone would like to know the answers.

    Is the cards pin out already fixed? (Or can we start to develope our solutions :) )
    In which quarter or in which year you are planing to release the final product?
    In which price range you see the product?

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