It’s called IONOSPHERE

The proto PCB’s of ION motherboard have arrived! Boards are just waiting for assembly to let us begin testing.

IONOSPHERE four axis motherboard and ION drives awaiting assembly.

The IONOSPHERE four axis motherboard. The design shares VSD-E’s benefit of having motor and encoder connectors on same face so it can be easily installed through a panel.

6 thoughts on “It’s called IONOSPHERE

  1. Hi!

    I’m feeling it already. Great job.
    When would it be possible to have some IONs for beta-testing or just for pre-sales visiting the potential customers? I don’t need a motherboard, may be some documentation would be more efficient on this life cycle’s stage of the cute little fellow.

    • Thanks :)

      First samples might be available just in 4-5 weeks from now if quoted lead time of assembly house is accurate. Making documentation for IONI will be pretty quick job as it has so much common with ARGON.

  2. What are the dimensions of the Ionshpere with the Ioni cards in it?
    I want to order a case so I’m ready as soon as they are :)

    • We renamed it as IONICUBE but more later on that :)

      It’s dimensions are approx 154 x 110 x 45 mm. We should receive first prototype batch of them within one week!

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